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Energy contracts, vaccination, winter tyres… everything that changes for Belgians from 1 November

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Changes come into force this Tuesday in Belgium.

Buildings with a PEB A, B and C certificate will not be affected by the indexation limitation. The owners of those benefiting from a PEB D and E certificate will have to limit themselves to an indexation of respectively 75% and 50% maximum. Finally, the rents of the buildings of PEB F and G, as well as those of the buildings not provided with the certificate, cannot be indexed.

The Walloon government evokes a “balanced solution” which takes into account the constraints of owners and tenants. The measure also aims to encourage owners to insulate their homes and put an end to energy sieves in the context of exploding energy prices and the fight against global warming.

According to the regional Housing Minister Christophe Collignon, nearly 75% of Walloon households will benefit from the modulation of the indexation of rents.

More fixed price contracts at Ecopower

From November 1, the energy cooperative Ecopower, which supplies green electricity in Flanders, is also abandoning fixed-price energy contracts.

In an email sent to its approximately 56,000 cooperators, the energy supplier indicated that it had to increase its prices and adjust its price list to current market conditions. From 1 November, cooperators will pay a rate calculated on the basis of fixed parameters on the one hand, and variables on the other.

In recent months, several other energy suppliers, including Engie and Eneco, have announced that they no longer offer fixed-price contracts.

Vaccination will be possible in Flemish pharmacies

From 1 November, the Flemish vaccination centers will be open less frequently. Therefore, those who wish can also be vaccinated by pharmacists and general practitioners.

At the beginning of November, 4.5 million people will have had the chance to receive their autumn reminder. This means that the target will have been reached and the vigilance phase will come into effect after seven weeks, with a target of 25,000 injections per week in Flanders.

The absence of winter tires will be sanctioned in France

A year ago, on November 1, 2021, the Mountain Law came into force in France. This obliges motorists to equip themselves with snow tires, four seasons or chains in order to circulate in the high mountain regions of France, in winter. Until now, a certain tolerance existed in order to allow time for road users to make their arrangements. But from November 1, 2022, controls and sanctions will begin.

Concretely, from November 1, the absence of adequate equipment during the winter period (from November 1 to March 31) in 48 French departments (Alps, Corsica, Massif Central, Massif Jura, Pyrenees, Massif Vosgien, etc. ) will be subject to a penalty. In the event of an offence, motorists could be fined 135 euros and immobilized the vehicle. However, no points should be deducted from the driving licence.

The obligation of winter tires or snow chains aims to improve the safety of individuals in the winter period and to reduce accidents related to difficult climatic conditions.

The measure concerns light and utility vehicles, motorhomes, heavy goods vehicles and coaches.

Google Hangouts disappears… in favor of Google Chat

From November 1, the Google Hangouts messaging application will no longer be accessible. The American company will make the final switch to Google Chat.

Google Chat is a communication software developed by Google. It’s designed for teams and offers collaborative messaging, similar to competitors Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Meal vouchers for the military

The military will receive from November 1 meal vouchers. This new measure was validated by the Council of Ministers last February.