Endless reactions, emoji states and more are coming to Telegram

SoftwareRevolution for Telegram. The latest update has in fact introduced an open platform for creating personalized animated emojis, which will allow you to use new ones to express your feelings, thanks to the infinite reactions and emoji states. Specifically, all users have access to dozens of reactions – including those that were available with Telegram Premium – and for this reason the reactions panel has been redesigned. Users of the paid version of the app will also be able to choose reactions from an endless selection of custom emojis, adding up to 3 for each message. Finally, administrators will decide whether or not to allow personalized reactions in their groups.

Emoji States

Premium users can add an animated status emoji that displays next to their name. You can set one of 7 standard states, which change color to match different app themes, or choose from an infinite number of custom emojis. To set it up, you need to tap on the “Premium” badge and then hold an emoji to set a status for a specific duration.

Improved login flow

It may happen that you log out and log back in from the app frequently. In this regard, access codes will be received by e-mail or by using “Sign in with Apple”https://news.google.com/”Sign in with Google”.

New links for usernames

All usernames on the app have their own “t.me/username” links. This will make it easier for you to share your public profile, group, or channel. Additionally, each username has a new format for its unique link for those who want to show off their name (or have trouble finding the / key).

Set download priority on Android

Media and files being downloaded can be managed in the “Download” tab of the search or by tapping the icon that appears in your chat list. By tapping on any item in the list, it will then be possible to reorder it and change its priority.

Specialty for Android

New smooth animations have been added for opening, closing and switching media on Android. By the way, those who have Android 13 or later can choose a themed icon for Telegram, which will automatically match the phone’s dark mode settings and the main color of the device.