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End of life for the Devils plane

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The “Trident” was removed from the fleet. But Brussels Airlines ensures that a new device should arrive soon.

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VSn Friday morning, the Brussels airlines Airbus A320 registered OO-SNA left Brussels airport for good. After a 56-minute journey, he landed at St-Athan Airport in England. This detail of the life of an aircraft in a company would not be complete if the aircraft in question were not the aircraft decorated in the livery of the Red Devils. For a few years, Brussels Airlines has decorated some of its planes with the shapes of icons of Belgium. The “Magrite” aircraft has already been withdrawn from the fleet of the Belgian company, today the liveries of Tintin, Tomorroland, Rubens and Schtroumpf remain. Today, the “Trident” (its official name) which was, in particular, dedicated to transporting the national football team has just been withdrawn from the fleet, and more generally from circulation since the leasing company, who owned it, decided to dismember it and sell its parts on the second-hand market.

Brussels Airlines ensures that soon, a new Trident should arrive. We can suspect that it is linked to the transport contract of the national team.