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Employers in Luxembourg: Luxair, CFL and Spuerkeess make people dream

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Salary and benefits remain the No. 1 criterion for employees in Luxembourg, according to the latest Randstad Employer Brad Research published on Monday, by the temp and HR service company. 76% of the 1,502 people surveyed at the start of the year believe that compensation is the most important thing when choosing an employer. Job security (73%) and work-life balance (68%) complete the podium. Next come working in a good atmosphere (63%) and opportunities for development (52%).

If the salary is more decisive for the youngest (25-34 years) and the most qualified, job security counts more for the over 35s and the less qualified employees. Randstad also notes that while the possibility of teleworking only comes in 9th position, 41% of respondents believe that this plays into the balance.

Which sector meets the most of all these criteria according to the people interviewed in Luxembourg? That of transport and logistics (41%), far ahead of finance (24%) and services (20%). In the top 5 of the most attractive employers, we therefore find Luxair (49% of respondents would like to work there), the CFL (48.8%) and Spuerkeess (44%). They are ahead of the POST group, Cargolux, the Center Hospitalier Neuro Psychiatrique, the Banque de Luxembourg, the Encevo group, the CHEM and Foyer.

Note that only 6% of respondents have changed jobs in the last six months (Editor’s note: the war in Ukraine had not yet started at the time of the survey) compared to 16% worldwide. And only 13% of them intended to change (against 24%).

Randstad notes that while work-life balance is only in 3rd place, a quarter of respondents believe that work takes up less space in their lives and a quarter also have a more negative view of work than previously.