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Emmanuelle Seigner defends her husband, Roman Polanski: “He is bruised and sees it very badly, let him be left alone”

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Emmanuelle Seigner, the wife of Roman Polanski, gave an exclusive interview to the show 7 to 8 broadcast on TF1, in which she defends her husband. The director has been accused by several women of rape and sexual assault in recent years. He had already been arrested and charged in 1977 after being accused of raping and drugging a 13-year-old girl.

Despite all these facts, Emanuelle Seigner continues to support her husband and even asks “that we leave him alone”. “Thirteen is young of course, but it was a very permissive time. The relationship to age has also changed a lot. At the time, we praised the lolita, we celebrated it. So me, having started my modeling career at 14, it was not a story that shocked me. He feels guilty vis-à-vis us”, she explained. Faced with these remarks, the journalist Audrey Crespo-Mara then asked him “if Roman Polanski did not feel guilty for having slept with a teenager, to which Emmanuelle Seigner replied in the affirmative. “Yes of course. Especially since they now have very good relations. They exchange e-mails. She can’t stand this victim status anymore. That’s why she’s asking for the charges to be dropped.”

Regarding the accusations made by the other women, the actress wants to make things clear. “Me when I met my husband, all the women wanted to sleep with him, all the young girls wanted to sleep with him, it was a crazy thing, it was crazy what. He was 52 years old, he had the he looked like he was 30, he was a great director, so he was very attractive and I think he didn’t need to rape anyone. The presumption of innocence is now totally flouted, “he said. she asserted.

Finally, she regretted the fact that her husband’s career is now at a standstill due to all these accusations. “It’s awful because he can’t edit a film, actors are advised not to act in his films. I myself am blacklisted in France. The man I live with is not not at all the person I hear about. He is a very good husband and very good father. He is bruised, he takes it very badly. Let him be left alone, people take care of the real predators, people who are a danger to society, leave him alone, she exclaimed.