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Elon Musk wants to create a new civilization on the planet Mars – Geeko

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The boss of Tesla wants to accelerate his project to colonize the red planet.

On August 14, the enthusiast account “Tesla Owners Silicon Valley” posted a tweet about Elon Musk’s space conquest project. In all, two photos. The first dates from 2002 and presents Elon Musk dancing and playing maracas, surrounded by a few employees and musicians. The second, taken 20 years later, captures the liftoff of a SpaceX rocket. This tweet is actually a nod from the group to the billionaire, asking him for information on the progress of the Mars conquest project. And, good surprise for them, it seems that Elon Musk has revised the deadline downwards. “I hope there will be a self-sufficient city on Mars within 20 years!”, replied the boss of Tesla.

An installation project

Last month, the world’s richest man said he was optimistic that “humanity will reach Mars in your lifetime”. The billionaire is convinced that the survival of the human species must go through the colonization of the red planet in the relatively near future.

When talking about this project, he even refers to the biblical patriarch Noah who built an ark that survived the great flood on Earth. According to him, his models of spaceships will be “modern Noah’s arks”, which can save “life from a calamity on Earth”. This is why SpaceX has decided to accelerate its plans to build the giant Starship rocket. Objective: to build 100 per year.

An increasingly pressing ambition

On August 12, Elon Musk posted a tweet with a photo showing a construction site and a gigantic metal infrastructure. Elon Musk explains that “it will be on Mars one day”. In an interview given last April to the administrator of the TED conference, Elon Musk estimated that man could fly to Mars within 10 years. He completed by saying that he would need 10 or 20 more 20 to colonize the planet. The end goal is to found a completely autonomous city and a new civilization on the red planet. In his response to the Tesla Owners Silicon Valley tweet, it appears that those timelines have been shortened.

So, disillusion or measured ambition, the opinions tend rather towards the first option. From now on, we just have to wait to see this dream of a new world come true, or not.

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