You are currently viewing Élodie Frégé at Star Academy: “It was the race to see who would be the hottest ****”

Élodie Frégé at Star Academy: “It was the race to see who would be the hottest ****”

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Élodie Frégé at Star Academy“It was the race to who would be the hottest ****”

As Star Academy returns on Saturday to TF1Élodie Frégé, winner of season 3, shared her experience, which was not always rewarding.

Elodie Frégé has now found her style.


The one who celebrated her 40th birthday on February 15 was just a very young woman when she won the third season of Star Academy in 2003. Very shy, “nobody had cracked on her”, had confided the choreographer of the show, Kamel Ouali, on the occasion of the documentary broadcast for the 20th anniversary of the show, last year.

Very aware of her somewhat clumsy side, “plouquette”: “At that time, I wanted to be pretty at all costs, because I did not feel attractive when I was a teenager, I was rather funny and first in class “, she confided to the journalist Chloé Thibaut, for her book “All for music” which will be released on October 20.

“I had this ugly duckling thing in me, result, in the show I was “too much”. I was confusing showing off and charging the mule,” she explains, adding that she was “not necessarily helped” because she “felt like it was the race to who would be the hottest ***”. And she recounts an experience that “really shocked” her: while she had interpreted “Without counterfeiting” by Mylène Farmer, the production had decked her out in “alluring underwear”: push-up corset, tights, garters and tops heels.

Difficult for a young woman who was looking for her identity. A doubly painful experience, because it was followed by very acerbic remarks from the stage interpretation teacher, Raphaëlle Ricci, who had told her, during the traditional debriefing: “But damn, you weren’t at ease at all, how is -did they fagot you? You had rolls under your buttocks!”. A very trying sequence for the young singer: “I was bulimic and she threw it at me in front of millions of people. It was a double jeopardy”.

This is not the first time that the production of Star Academy has been singled out. The Belgian Jill Vandermeulen (season 5) denounced certain methods: “I was a bit of the bimbo of the thing”, she confided last July to Jeremstar, on the show “Baby Story”.