You are currently viewing Elizabeth II had a lot of humor: her “tongue-in-cheek” reactions that made her interlocutors chuckle

Elizabeth II had a lot of humor: her “tongue-in-cheek” reactions that made her interlocutors chuckle

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“Selfless sense of duty, unequaled devotion”… King Charles III, who has been full of praise for his mother since her death, could have added another well-known quality of Elizabeth II: her sense of of humor.

Deadpan or overtly funny, she didn’t hesitate to poke fun at herself either. She was apparently also a good imitator but, impartiality obliges, she did not reveal anything about it in public.

Tea with Paddington

For her platinum jubilee in June, she was filmed having tea at Buckingham Palace with Paddington, the little bear from children’s literature, who offered her a jam sandwich out of his hat.

With a smirk, the 96-year-old queen then pulls a similar sandwich out of her purse, explaining that she always saves one “for later”. She then begins to beat time on her porcelain cup, in rhythm with the gigantic concert which opens outside the palace.

In 2012, for the London Olympics, she had already shot a humorous video where James Bond (actor Daniel Craig) picks her up from Buckingham, from where they leave together, a montage suggesting that the 86-year-old queen boards a helicopter before skydiving with 007 over the Olympic Stadium.

These two videos have been viewed millions of times on YouTube.

She was “very funny” said Daniel Craig last Wednesday in the American satirical show “The late show by Stephen Colbert”.

She “likes to make jokes, and made one about me. We had a photo shoot, and she said ‘oh no, he’s the one who never smiles'”.

At a reception after the Olympics, a British rower congratulates the Queen, who deadpans replies: “Did you see how well my corgis played?”

In 2015, when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau paid tribute to her at a Commonwealth banquet in Malta, recalling that she appeared on a Canadian stamp in 1935 and that she had known 12 Canadian Prime Ministers, she replied with a smile: “thank you Prime Minister of Canada for making me feel so old”. The guests burst out laughing.

Former US President George W. Bush does not escape his stings either, when he gets the wrong date when he welcomes her to the White House in 2007: he declares that she came to the United States for the bicentennial in 1776 (instead of 1976).

The next day, dinner at the residence of the British Ambassador in Washington. The sovereign toasts the American president. “I was wondering if I should start this toast by saying + when I came here in 1776 +”.

Open mic

While a microphone remained open during a family photo at the G7 in Cornwall in June 2021, the queen questions the leaders, seated at a distance due to the Covid. “Are we supposed to look like we’re having fun?”

On the sidelines of the same G7, he is brought a ceremonial sword to cut a cake at a charity event. She provokes laughter by refusing the knife also made available to her.

On February 5, during a small reception at the royal estate of Sandrigham on the eve of her 70th anniversary of reign, she was again invited to cut a cake.

The inscription is upside down, for the press, we explain to him. “That does not bother me. I do not count”jokes the sovereign.

Among the most famous anecdotes, that of his former security guard Richard Griffin, on a couple of American hikers crossed during a walk in Balmoral.

The man asks the sovereign, whom they have not recognized, where she lives. She replies that she lives in London but has a holiday home nearby and has been coming there regularly for 80 years. “You Must Have Met the Queen” exclaims the man, according to the story recently told by Mr Griffin on Sky News.

“No, but Dickie (short for Richard) meets her regularly”, she answers most seriously.

The hikers then ask the Queen to photograph them with “Dickie”, who then photographs them with Elizabeth II.

“I would love to be a little fly when they show their photos to their friends in America, and hopefully someone will recognize me,” the queen will say after they leave.

She also knew how to amuse herself with the banalities inflicted on her. A former royal correspondent, Simon McCoy, quoted by the daily The Times, said that in 1995, not knowing what to say on the royal yacht in Cape Town, he had undertaken it on the traditional costumes seen during his many trips.

“There’s a country where all they have is a feather. And that worries me when it’s cold”she replied.