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Electric, wood, gas or oil: what to choose for heating this winter?

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While the prices of energy and gas are constantly increasing, we see several opinions circulating on social networks on the cheapest means of heating this winter.

Among these, some argue that at current gas prices, it will be better to use an electric heater rather than a radiator connected to gas, or an electric kettle rather than heating water (for cooking, for example). Is it really cheaper? Decryption.

Electric heating, very expensive

Should we take out the electric heater to heat up this winter to save money? No. Electric heaters are very energy-intensive, which is why they are not recommended.

The Wikipower company, specialized in the field of energy, explains that the price of heating with electricity is currently three times more expensive than that of heating with gas or oil. And this despite the fact that the VAT on electricity was lowered in March 2022, and rose to 6%.

The situation could be different for a household that has a heat pump AND photovoltaic panels: in the latter case, specifies Wikipower, electric heating can become more interesting, if the production is sufficient to meet consumption.

The wood stove

As energy prices rise, many Belgians are also turning to wood heating. Not all woods are created equal, however. First of all, exit the open wood stove: its fine particles are not good for your lungs or for the environment and 85% of the heat is lost in the chimney.

For it to be effective, ecological and healthy, it is necessary to use a device whose efficiency is greater than 80%”, explains EcoConso. Cassettes, logs and pellets are more efficient, provided that the wood for the logs is dry, explained to our microphones Jonas Moerman, climate and energy advisor at EcoConso.

According to the Wikipower company, pellets and firewood remain the most advantageous means of heating.