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Electric cars make campsite owners cringe

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While the plug-in hybrid cars and electric are increasingly present on the roads, a new phenomenon occurs during the holidays : Improper use of electricity! When you take one of these cars in a camping or a vacation homeyou naturally need charge the battery. Some people abuse facilities local in recharging their car for a whole day with“free” electricity. The owners of these resorts are losing patience, reports the newspaper Het Nieuwsblad.


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“It is a abuse who puts our network strained,” says Parcifal Coeman, Director of campsites Urban Gardens in Ghent and Holiday Village in Knokke. “A night of car charging costs us 8 euros at price energy current “. For the time being, the campsite manager bears these costs himself. Most campsites and vacation homes charge a lump sum for the electricity consumptionwithout taking into account electric cars.

” We have two taken on the campsite which are reserved for the charging electric cars, for a fee of course. There is no question of recharging your car from the bathroom of your caravan”, specifies Richard Koevoet of the campsite The Plo. Furthermore, thepower supply of these sites is often low and the recharge is therefore slow. Apparently, this is not a problem, because vacationers have time to plug in their car for several days.

What solutions?

What can operators do to solve the problem? Pierre Fivet, of theABTOthe federation of Belgian tour operators, offers a solution: “Either the campsite installs good charging stations, which he can use as a selling point to attract customers. Or else he must set a limit to the amount of electricity used on each location. We must put an end to the current situation,” reports Het Nieuwsblad.

Philip Walter, of theArdennes Camping Bertrixis not very enthusiastic: “It costs me 3,500 euros per charging point. If I install, say four, for 1,500 campers on peak days, what good will that do? Or else I have to install a charging station on each campsite, but I have to invest in an additional system for control consumptionwhich entails heavy work.

Rijdende batterij

Hyundai Ioniq 5

Owners’ worries are certainly justified, but an electric car can also add value to a campsite. Especially if it is a vehicle equipped with the V2L systemlike the Hyundai Ioniq 5 or the Kia EV6. These are equipped with a adapter the level of charging port which provides up to 3.6 kW of power to charge all kinds of devices. Think, for example, of a cooler or to a electric bike.

You can therefore have the energy of the car battery anytime and anywhere. Provided that the latter is correctly charged… and preferably not in the campsite!