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Electric bike: with the PW-S2, Yamaha launches an even more efficient engine

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Successor to the PW-ST, the new Yamaha PW-S2 has been specially designed for the European market. The icing on the cake: it is “made in France”.

A latecomer to the European electric bike market, Yamaha is expanding its range with the appearance of the new PWseries S2, a new engine intended to replace the PWseries ST, launched in 2018.

Do more with less

Gaining power while managing to reduce the size is the weight… this is the objective that guided the Yamaha teams in the development of the new PWseries S2. Both lighter and more compact, it has been specifically designed to meet the needs of European e-bike manufacturers.

The new Yamaha PWseries S2 operates on 36 volts of voltage. Compliant with European legislation, it has a nominal power of 250 watts. Capable of assisting the user up to 25 km/h, it displays a maximum torque of 75 Nm and offers five operating modes: HIGH, STD, ECO, +ECO and OFF. With 2.85 kilos on the scale, it gains 500 grams compared to the ST (-16%).

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The PW-S2 is much more compact than the ST, its predecessor.

Display B: unprecedented instrumentation

For Yamaha, the launch of the new PWseries S2 engine comes with a new user interface. Simply called “B”, this new display is both simple and accessible. It concentrates all its information on a small 3-inch screen.

Placed in the center of the handlebars, it is completed by a small lever allowing the driver to modulate the level of assistance without removing their hand from the handlebars.

If it is less advanced than the more upscale “C” display, Yamaha’s new screen incorporates a micro-USB port to allow charging of a smartphone and can be removed from its support with a simple press. .

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An engine made in France

The arrival of the new PW-S2 also introduces the manufacturer’s new industrial strategy. While Yamaha has until now manufactured its engines in Japan, the assembly of the new PWseries S2 has been relocated to Europe. More specifically, it is within the MBK factory in Saint-Quentin, in the Aisne department, that the new block will be manufactured.

Relocating the production of PW-series drive units from Japan to Western Europe not only contributes to Yamaha’s goal of carbon neutrality, but also offers many additional benefits to bicycle manufacturers. explains the manufacturer’s press release. By getting closer to the European market, Yamaha wishes to reduce its delivery times, gain flexibility but also eliminate the hazards associated with transport by sea.

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