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Edito: the Star Academy, the time machine

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It’s no longer Celine Dion who sings “Ne partez pas sans moi” but post-teens who put their voices on a very passable remix of Mosimann (but why, why?). Instead of a few spikes in the debrief or on the set, we are entitled to an overflow of emotions which prevents “to dwell on the vocal technique”. Our ears will therefore have to be lenient (and they bled a lot at times… thank you Anisha, Enola and Paola for taking care of them) because the teachers are not there to break. If Nikos looked more like Jacques Martin (and with this reference, we have definitely lost all the “young” public) we could believe to have been transported in “The school of fans”.

But it is no longer Kamel Ouali who bustles on Saturday evening on the teachers’ bench but Yanis who “yes yes, worked with Kamel as a dancer on the 10 Commandments tour”! And then, it’s crazy all the same this generation that doesn’t know who Julien Clerc is (phew, they didn’t push the insult to French song to the point of doing it again with Véronique Sanson) but who succeeds – well, Paola alone, amazing! – to dazzle on a hit by Dalida (“Let me dance”) which had already been taken over by Star Ac’ 4. You see it arrive, as big as a house, barely disguised, the constant reference to the real “Star Ac’ ‘”? If not, the “surprise” arrival of Matthieu Gonet gives a big clue. The arranger and conductor of the prime seems called to the rescue to breathe in some of the fundamentals.

But chase away the naturalness of the “Star Ac’ 2022” and the presumptuous aplomb of the majority of 2.0 students. comes back at a gallop, not bringing them a little humility. Because this season, the stars are them. It is not we who affirm it, it is Louis who made it known by daring from the top of his pedestal as an academician of reality TV a mocking comparison to Shy’m…

But let’s leave the final word to Nikos who is still there and there, with the same clichés as 20 years ago (“you enter the arena”, “that’s the magic of live »… he spared us all the same the expression of the « owner ») but all the same equipped with a new expression to share: « we are there naturally ». “Naturally” is within a million words the one we would have used…