You are currently viewing Edge’s return in preparation for WWE SummerSlam?

Edge’s return in preparation for WWE SummerSlam?

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Edge has been absent from our screens for just over a month following his expulsion from the Judgment Day clan by Finn Balor and Damian Priest.

Since then, it has been radio silence on the side of Edge, which has been the victim of a Con-Chair-To by his former colleagues. On the other hand, WWE aired vignettes that debuted at Money in the Bank 2022, vignettes with many clues pointing to Edge with items from his legendary matches. Fightful had also confirmed that it was indeed Edge who was hiding behind these videos.

Now, we have to wonder when its official return to our screens will take place. Fightful explains that WWE originally planned to return Edge for the July 25, 2022 edition of RAW, the last before SummerSlam. Unfortunately, the US site can’t confirm if Edge will actually be there or if the plan has since been cancelled. It would also be possible that WWE would simply broadcast a vignette confirming the identity of the person.

On the July 18 edition of RAW, the “mystery” man in the thumbnails could be seen writing in blood that he’s “coming soon.” We’ll get the final answer on RAW on July 25.

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