Economist Eric Dor on unprecedented inflation: “It will rise again”

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In September, the inflation rate reached 11.27% in Belgium, a level not seen since… 1975. Is it possible to limit the rise in prices? How ? We interviewed economist Eric Dor.

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Journalist in the Economy department

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Lhe Belgian inflation rate is now in double digits. The increase, at an annual rate, in consumer prices reached 11.27% in September, against 9.94 the previous month.

If expected, the figure is higher than expected by the Planning Office, which forecast inflation of 10.54% in September, then 10.73% in October. And we have to go back to… 1975 to find such a high level of inflation in our country.

Inflation is largely due to high energy prices, recalls Statbel. And underlying inflation, which does not take into account the evolution of the prices of energy products and unprocessed food products, also continues to increase, to 6.21% in September, against 5.74% in August. .

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