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EA app: Electronic Arts launches its new gaming platform

Electronic Arts has just launched its new video game platform for PC, EA app. It replaces Origin and, like it, allows you to buy and download games, via a free account or with a monthly subscription.

It’s almost the end clap for Origin, the digital video game distribution platform from publisher Electronic Arts. It must be said that it has never been the most popular game launcher, in particular because of its lack of fluidity in navigation and its recurring bugs. Players much prefer Steam or GOG Galaxy. Not to mention that the link between the publisher and the platform is not necessarily obvious! This is why in 2020, EA began to develop EA app, a new Windows application – Mac should arrive soon – in order to wipe the slate clean and (re)conquer the gamer community. The principle is exactly the same: allow you to buy and download games from the publisher, which are grouped together in a library, but also to chat with your friends and share videos of your games, in create an account for free. EA app generally uses the same interface as Origin, but with a new color palette – in black and purple tones – and a more ergonomic rendering, for a “faster, more reliable and simplified gaming experience.” And, of course, it will integrate much better EA Play, the publisher’s paid subscription. This Friday, October 7, the software finally comes out of its beta version and arrives in version 1.0. Don’t panic for Origin users, the identifiers are the same, and the toy library, friends list and local and cloud backups will be transferred well. Note that it is also possible to connect their EA account to other services, such as PlayStation, Xbox and Steam.

Classic functions and a paid subscription

EA app offers a catalog that includes large licenses – Battlefield, FIFA, Titanfall, Dead Space or The Sims and its infinite extensions – but also more confidential licenses – such as Unravel Where Alice: Madness Returns. All the games purchased are grouped together in a library – here called Collection –, and you just have to download them to play them in one click. The software obviously gives the possibility to save your progress on the Cloud and to access it from any computer connected to the Internet. Like any good self-respecting video game distribution service, EA app has community functions. The player can send messages or speak in voice to his friends via private messaging, and join them in their game. A function also offers the possibility of displaying the software interface during games – the overlay – and of accessing tools such as the broadcasting of live games via the Twitch platform.

The player can of course buy games from the store via the Browse tab – but usually you have to pay full price. Electronic Arts is integrating its EA Play and EA Play Pro subscriptions much better into the platform. The first formula, EA Play, gives access to demos and certain games 10 hours before their official release. Subscribers benefit from 10% on their purchases, but above all from a catalog – the Play List – with a series of games – including from third-party publishers – unlimited. All for 3.99 euros per month, or 29.99 euros per year. EA Play Pro offers the same benefits, but with an even bigger catalog. Players also get bonuses for big hits – “rewards and pro-level content” in-game – and have access to Season Passes and premium content – ​​equipment, mounts, characters… The subscription costs 14.99 euros per month, or 99.99 euros per year.