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Drew McIntyre reflects on his use of ”Broken Dreams” during Clash at the Castle

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Drew McIntyre has long desired the return of his old entrance theme “Broken Dreams” and it was eventually used for his entrance opening to Clash at the Castle.

During an interview with Ariel Helwani of “BT Sport”, McIntyre was asked about the use of the song.

He declares :

“I’ve been insisting for so long and I didn’t think it was finally going to work. I had a conversation with Hunter (Triple H) and Kevin Dunn to explain to them that this was the best time. This music is part of my story and the fans know it, I knew it was going to cause the euphoria of the public. For me, hearing it reminds me of how far I’ve come. Our production team did the best job making the intro video, watching it gave me goosebumps and tears in my eyes. »

He goes on to talk about his match against Roman Reigns:

“I’ve been dreaming about it and talking about it for years, This is here, I’m in this game. My God, watch this video, watch that crowd and my entrance, and watch how the crowd reacted when Roman came out. That’s what we have to do in our industry, it’s to make the public feel unimaginable emotions. I’m very disappointed that I didn’t hit the jackpot, but we’ll get there. »

He concludes by talking about the potential use of “Broken Dreams” in other events:

“I feel like when it’s appropriate, it’s going to be used. It’s a bit slower but some of the lyrics seem very appropriate to my background and what I intend to do with Roman. He was always my Kryptonite, he always found a way around Drew McIntyre, even when I first came back. When I found my true self, he also found it on his side. Unfortunately, when he comes up against a legitimate challenger like a Drew McIntyre or a Brock Lesnar, he always relies on a group of people to help him get the win but it can’t last forever.

The story between Drew McIntyre and Roman Reings is apparently still not over…

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