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Drak’Tharon: Wrath of the Lich King Classic Dungeon Guide – World of Warcraft Classic

Drak’Tharon Dungeon is a WoW dungeon in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. It is located in Northrend in the Zul’Drak area, but you can also enter it from Grizzly Hills. It is intended for characters from level 74 to 76. Drak’Tharon offers 4 bosses: Trolletripe, Novos the summoner, King Dred and The prophet Tharon’ja. Find below the strategy to defeat the bosses as well as the map of Drak’Tharon and the location of the monsters.

1. Drak’Tharon Dungeon Guide

When you enter the dungeon, I invite you to be careful of the Mages throwing black AoEs on the ground. Always focus on them first because although they look weak at first glance, AoEs can be daunting.

The trashes that follow do not deserve particular comments and you will end up falling on the 1st boss, Trolletripe, a fat troll berserker. Like all the bosses here, the principle is nice. Periodically, trolls advance towards him from the top of the stairs and the boss bones them cleanly.

It is then necessary to remove the boss from the corpses otherwise, he can either explode the bodies (and that hurts), or eat them and that badly buffs him. First blow, we place it at the foot of the stairs, it explodes the trolls, the tank pushes it aside at the bottom left. Second shot, he explodes the trolls at his feet, we move him to the bottom right. And there, the dps must have had time to kill him, otherwise, there is no more room.

Once the boss is down, we go up the stairs and we arrive in a small room with very heavy trash: damn spiders which, at 30% of their life, encapsulate the players in their web and run away to gather adds. It’s quite unpleasant for cacs 🙂

We arrive very quickly at the second particularly original boss: Novos the Summoner. Lots of adds arrive regularly by the central staircase. There’s a little bit of everything: silly and mean zombies and tougher elites. You have to knock them out before they reach the boss. Even more fun, try without the adds reaching the bottom of the stairs (and presto, another achievement). In addition, other elites spawn in the room of the boss that the tank recovers.

With each dead elite, one of the crystals imprisoning the boss disappears and after 4, the boss arrives. It becomes a tank/dps/heal beast by avoiding AoE and decurse. The shot of the adds is still very nice.

A little AoE for the bats in the next room and we arrive on the raptor side with the King Dred. Combat is a tank/dps/heal beast. But be careful, he hits hard and he bleeds out a continuous DoT until the player is back to 100% health (like the boss in the slave pen). The heal will have a lot to do to keep the tank alive. Ha yes, he also does AoE fear and he brings in raptor adds that we will hurry to kill (the tank will end up hurting otherwise) before returning to the boss. A bit stressful for the healer but without much difficulty, it’s the only slightly less successful boss of the instance.

For the end, we go through a big trash area with lots of packs and friendly death knight trolls. Watch out for multi-aggro, it’s quite common around here.

The last boss, the Prophet Tharun’ja, is very nice. It alternates between two phases: a standard tank/heal/dps phase and a phase where all players are transformed into skeletons and can tap, taunt or steal life.

It is also necessary to avoid the puddles of poison that it deposits. In the idea, it was good, but on the other hand, it is badly balanced, the boss is too easy, we can do anything in skeleton mode, it still passes. We let the tank take the aggro and heal, and the others hit and that’s it. Note that Hunter pets continue to hit the boss during the Skeleton phase, making the encounter easier. But it can also work with other classes that have pets.

In conclusion, in heroic the bosses don’t have any new abilities, but you have to be much more careful with the existing abilities, which is still much more satisfying than what we saw in normal mode, at the end of the game. Except for the last boss, which remains hopelessly simple.

2. Drak’Tharon Map and Boss Locations