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Dragonflight Dragonisland Dracoglyphs – World of Warcraft

This Dracoglyph guide lets you know the exact location of each dracoglyph in the areas of the Dragon Islands, the mainland of the Dragonflight expansion. By collecting a dracoglyph, you receive a point to spend in the skill tree dedicated to dragon flight. So it is an important element that can greatly increase your gaming enjoyment.

Some dracoglyphs are quite difficult to access, but I’m sure that won’t put off WoW players. Sometimes you have to be cunning, find a good place to jump in and sometimes do your ascent in several stages. Your dragon’s fatigue will be your biggest enemy here.

To collect one of these glyphs, you just have to cross it in flight or on foot. Collecting each of the glyphs unlocks an achievement and gives you a “ which allows you to improve your Dragon Ride skill. Do not hesitate to return from time to time to the Dragonflight Master in order to simplify the continuation of your search for glyphs.

What we’ll be looking for are these golden glyphs that can be found at all four corners of the Dragon Isle, namely Shores of Awakening, Plains of Ohn’ahra, Azure Span, and Thaldraszus. . The places are sorted by zonet. Be careful to go to the area in question to add the TomTom coordinates (addon) or to specify the name of the area in your command (/way).

This guide was written by Shenron. May he be blessed by the Titans 😉