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Dragon Ball: Here’s why Goku and Vegeta’s hair never grows

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The universe of dragonball imagined by Akira Toriyama is now probably among the most emblematic of shonen mangaand this in large part thanks to the Saiyans, a race of alien fighters from which some protagonists come, including Goku and Vegeta. The latter are best known for their legendary transformations, with this particularity in terms of hair, changing from brown to blond when they switch to Super Saiyan. But the fact is that the hair of Saiyans also has another peculiarity, namely that it never grows.

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Saiyans in dragonball have several physical characteristics that make them particularly distinguishable, despite their human appearance. One of the most notable features is obviously the presence of a monkey tail located in the lower back. It is this same tail that allows them to transform into a giant monkey, also called Oozaru, at the sight of the full moon.

The other particularity of this breed lies at the capillary level. Indeed, Saiyans usually have black hair, but when they manage to reach the Super Saiyan stage, their hair stands on end and turns blond. But this is not the only specificity of Saiyan hairbecause they also have another characteristic: they never grow. In any case, that’s what Vegeta revealed to us in chapter 375.. As the Prince of the Saiyans and his son Trunks exit the Hall of Spirit and Time and are about to engage in combat with the dreaded Cell, Bulma, who had joined them at God’s Palace, notices that her son’s hair has grown well, unlike her husband’s. Vegeta then explains that the hair length of “pure strain Saiyans” did not change after birth..


We actually see that since Goku and Vegeta were children, their respective hairstyles have always remained the same, unlike Gohan or Trunks who we have already seen with long hair. This is explained by the fact that Goku and Vegeta are full Saiyans, while Gohan and Trunks are only half.their respective mothers, Chichi and Bulma, being human.

For a long time, fans of dragonball asked a lot of questions about the series, and in particular on this point. This is why a few years ago, Toriyama made some “clarifications” concerning the hair aspect of Goku and the other Saiyans that can be found in the artbook Dragon Ball – Super Exciting Guide Character Volume. As reported Kazenshuu, the creator of dragonball said:

Besides, it’s not that their hairstyle never changes; after all, Nappa has gone bald. The hair states of Saiyans are also the same as Earthlings, their properties are just a bit different.

How many Super Saiyan hair colors exist as of yet?  • Kanzenshuu

Properties “a little” different, but still a little obscure for some fans. And to continue in the same theme, discover what is son goku’s biggest weaknessjust here.