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Dounia Batma’s husband’s alleged mistress responds to accusations

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“There is no infidelity. My relationship with Mohammed Turk, the husband of Dounia Batma is a professional relationship, and nothing more. […] All the evidence was submitted to the king’s prosecutor. There is no adultery, I repeat, “clarified in a post on Instagram the supposed mistress of Mohammed Turk, adding also that their common professional project would soon see the light of day. Accused of adultery by the singer, Mohammed Turk and Wissal Sky were released on bail. They had to pay a deposit of 5,000 dirhams each.

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Dounia Batma is “playing with fire by making false accusations […] the law does not protect fools, ”noted the supposed mistress of Mohammad Al-Turk, asking the singer not to involve her in this affair. “You have a problem with your ex-husband and I am not your bait,” she fumed angrily.

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For several months, the marriage of the singer has been floundering. The couple are currently going through a divorce. Dounia Batma accuses her husband and manager of “adultery” and “mismanagement” of his financial resources.