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Doums explains why the live with Nekfeu and Amine will not take place

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Donation-goal of the Z Event 2021, Amine’s live with Nekfeu will definitely not take place, assured Doums during a Twitter post.

If the news still needed formalization: the live of Amine with Nekfeu, promised during the Z Event 2021 will ultimately not take place. This expected event, which would have marked the first media appearance of the Parisian rapper for many years, had even been entitled to a date a few months ago. Finally, it had not taken place, and if some Internet users still demanded from the streamer a possible postponement, it was Doums who swept away the hypothesis.

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Doums: “I had family troubles”

“Leave my guy Amine alone, the live has been canceled for a thousand years, move on”, he assured on Twitter. Amine, who had indeed teased the event, then clarified that it had been canceled due to “personal problems”as Doums re-explained. “I had family troubles, and since then, we’ve all moved on except you”, he regrets. The artist regretted the pressure put by Internet users about the liveassuring that he no longer had “more heart to that”.

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We will probably never know what the intended content of this livealthough Amine had assured that it was the “live of the year”. It seems that its programming served the promotion of the new S-Crew album, in June, but also the upcoming arrival of the Doums album in August. For the time being, no other event involving Nekfeu, or Doums, seems planned on Amine’s channel.

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