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DOFUS Touch 1.56: The update is available – Gamosaurus

While waiting for the big end-of-year update, particularly in connection with Lance Dur, the Dofus Touch team continues balancing and small fixes of all kinds with 1.56. A reduced program and yet very important for long-term play.

DOFUS Touch: Update 1.56 now available

The year 2022 is under the sign of redesigns and balancing on the Dofus Touch side. Not all systems are immune to modifications, from equipment to combat! For this patch, it will be the turn of communications in combat. The interface becomes more fluid and ergonomic, accompanied by many fixes.

On the class side, Cra, Pandawa and Xelor are undergoing some changes. The first mainly a small nerf, the second a reinterpretation of its gameplay and finally the last an application of new characteristic levels. You can find out about all the class changes in the article below.

In addition to these two major axes, Dofus Touch 1.56 obviously brings small changelog notes that are highly appreciable on a daily basis:

  • 2 sets and 2 weapons 200 are added
  • The Cycloid Set now gives MP Dodge
  • Fights against certain Dopples are accelerated by modifying their spells
  • Legendary weapon awakening materials no longer require a logout.

If you haven’t followed Ankama’s general news, know that Dofus Touch will receive an end-of-year update under the theme of “Lance Dur”, the studio’s new animation series. Several briefs will be available by then, as well as a Krosmonote. The full schedule is available here.