You are currently viewing DOFUS Touch 1.56: Cra 2022, class balancing

DOFUS Touch 1.56: Cra 2022, class balancing

The Cra gets a bit of a facelift with Dofus Touch update 1.56. His beacons become easier to pile up to make him more unpredictable and above all increase his potential damage. But that’s not all !

the Cra on Dofus TOUCH in 2022: Marking of damage

Note that our assessment of changes remains subjective and depends entirely on the vision of the editorial staff. However, this session is rather beneficial on classes with few nerfs.

  • Nerve : The spell is less powerful
  • Neutral : The fate remains more or less the same / The changes offset each other / The change is to be taken as a whole on the class
  • UP : The spell is more powerful

For this patch, the Cra is undergoing some adjustments to its beacons in order to better exploit them and get better placements. Consequently, some of his spells have their damage reduced in parallel.

Cra changes for Dofus Touch 1.55

spells Amendments First opinion
Grapple Arrow Also pulls the target’s line beacons 3 spaces UP
Blinding Arrow The spell no longer inflicts damage on the first beacon
Range removal: 3 => 2
Damage increase
Last Bastion MP penalty reduced to 1 and range to 4 UP
Lashing Arrow Total: 1 => 2 UP
Mole Eye No longer deals damage to beacons
MP removal: 2 => 1
Accumulation allowed
Damage increase
Pursuit Arrow Steal MP: 2 → 1
MP gain on a beacon: 3 => 2
Added damage based on target’s unhealable vitality
Damage increase
Harassing, Explosive, Punitive and Flaming Arrows Damage decrease Nerve
The Cra with Dofus Touch 1.56


The modifications may seem slight but should greatly improve the Cra’s playing comfort on Dofus Touch. The Grapple Arrow, already central, is ideal for PvM and should also allow the class to shine a little more in PvP. We can also mention some changes to spells like Pursuit Arrow, which has become much more interesting in many fights.