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Do we have to wait until tomorrow to fill up? Where are the cheapest pumps? Discover our interactive tool

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With prices sometimes reaching unprecedented heights and fluctuating from week to week, it’s not easy to know when to refuel. To help you find your way around, we have developed an interactive tool that brings together the following information:

  • The maximum price of fuel for the same day and the next day. This data is retrieved automatically every morning from the FPS Economy website.
  • A calculator that lets you know how much a full tank would cost you today and tomorrow. Sometimes there is no difference from day to day, sometimes it’s a little more expensive, sometimes it’s a little cheaper…
  • A table showing the best prices by province. These data come from the website Indeed, the FPS Economy informs the “official tariff for petroleum products” and therefore communicates the “maximum prices“. Most pumps offer the cheapest fuel.
  • graphics showing the evolution of prices over the past year.

In practice, this Friday, November 18, fuel prices are the same today and tomorrow (a slight drop took place between Wednesday and Thursday). Only heating oil will be a little cheaper tomorrow. The prices fixed on Friday are valid for the whole weekend.

Discover our interactive tool below.

How does the FPS Economy determine the price of fuel? In the morning, we download the prices on the international markets. We load this data into our calculation software, which then determines the price of the product, checks if there is a price change and, if necessary, calculates the new maximum price by adding the legal costs, excise, contributions and VAT“, we are told on the side of the SPF.

The update of the FPS Economy website is done between 9:30 a.m. and 10 a.m. Our module is scheduled to update at 10am. Find more details on how the federal government calculates the prices of petroleum products by clicking here.

The FPS informs us that these data are up-to-date “every day of the week, with the exception of official holidays for the federal administration and ‘bridges’ which are not official holidays.