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Disney: this unsuspected character would actually be the big villain of Encanto

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If the Disney animated film Encanto seems devoid of a big bad, by dissecting it, we notice that one of the characters actually seems to have malicious intentions.

Encanto, a good movie?

Released at the end of 2021, Encanto is one of its films that Disney has only released on its dedicated Disney+ streaming platform, such as Ahead, Raya and the last dragonWhere Lucas. The film takes the setting of Colombia, the Encanto, and more specifically the Casita, a family home where the members live hidden in the mountains. The magic of the Encanto has blessed each child in the family with a unique gift except Mirabel, the powerless anti-heroine who must nevertheless bring magic back to his homeland in danger.

If the animation is once again a hit, the critics target a conformist scenario from the firm with the big ears. A classic recipe too often used, that of highlighting an anti-hero who is not sure of himself but who must “save the world”. Furthermore the absence of a real antagonistwhich seems to be taking up less and less space in Disney and Pixar productions.

The movie antagonist

However, one theory suggests that one of the family members would actually be the villain of the film: Dolores. First of all, it is noted that it is almost impossible that she didn’t hear Brunothe mysterious uncle living for all these years in the house, while she has the power to have highly developed hearing. So why did she keep this information to herself and not reveal it to others?

On the other hand, she is in love with Mariano, but the latter prefers his cousin Isabela. “Indirectly”, she ruins the wedding between the two during the dinner scener, where she exposes the secrets of Mirabel to the rest of the family. This also comes from the fact that Dolores isn’t fully recognized by her family, is not praised, and therefore suffers from a lack of recognition. If we go further, we can even consider that Dolores doesn’t want her family to have powerswould like the fall of the Casita, and thus the stopping of all forms of magic.

Thereby, all this ambient chaos ultimately benefits Doloreswho ends up in Mariano’s arms, and although the magic eventually returns to the Casita, Abuela, Alma Madrigal, the matriarch and mastermind of the family, places less importance on the powers of her peers.

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