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Disney+: Films, series, releases not to be missed in November 2022

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news culture Disney+: Films, series, releases not to be missed in November 2022

On Disney+, the month of November already announces the beginnings of Christmas. Between the big return of Willow, the first season of Super Christmas and the musical Once upon a time 2, the streaming platform has clearly chosen to place its November catalog under the sign of fairy tales… with a little surprise signed Chris Hemsworth (Thor)!


We will have to wait a little before entering the enchanting universe of the series. Willow since it will only begin at the very end of the month, on November 30. Almost 35 years after the original film directed by Ron Howard in 1988 (and co-written by George Lucas and Bod Dolman), fantasy will take on nostalgic colors on Disney+ in the form of a brand new live-action series. The opportunity to find the timeless Warwick Davis in the role of Willow Ufgood for a new fantastic epic around a princess in search of her twin brother. Revealed only last May, the trailer promises a series infused with the magical atmosphere of the original film for fun for the whole family. The brownies, wizards and other trolls of the series Willow are therefore preparing for an expected launch on November 30 around Warwick Davis (Willow) and Joanne Whalley (Sorsha).

  • Available November 30 on Disney+

Super Christmas, the series

Disney+: Films, series, releases not to be missed in November 2022

The November program on Disney+ continues in the reinvention of the classics with a new original series around the film Great Christmas released in 1994. Actor Tim Allen, who was already playing Santa Claus at the time, agreed to put on his thick red suit again to inspire a whole new generation of children. A largely modernized version by Jack Burditt (30Rock, Modern Family) who is both the showrunner and the producer. The story is that of Scott Calvin who, approaching his 65th birthday, realizes that the gradual loss of his magical powers may prevent him from continuing to assume his duties as Santa Claus with children. He then goes in search of the ideal replacement while preparing his family to lead a normal life far from the North Pole. The first two episodes of Super Christmas, the series will integrate the catalog from November 16, then a new episode will be offered each week.

  • Available November 16 on Disney+


Awarded the Oscar for best animated film in 2017, zootopia remains a very popular feature film with the public. Many were also the fans to hope that the rumors about a sequel would eventually come to fruition. Finally, it is through six new short films made in computer graphics that zootopia will return to the front of the stage, starting November 9! Logically Baptized Zootopia+, this series of short films in six episodes will take place in the same unusual universe populated by anthropomorphic animals.. But this time we will follow the story of brand new protagonists, such as Fru Fru, the very trendy arctic shrew, Clawhauser, the greedy cheetah officer or Flash, a sloth who could well contrast with the image left by his congeners of the first movie. On the production side, we find Nathan Curtis, surrounded by directors Josie Trinidad (zootopia, Wreck-It Ralph) and Trent Correy (The Adventures of Olaf).

Disney+: Films, series, releases not to be missed in November 2022
  • Available November 9 on Disney+

once upon a time 2

Disney+: Films, series, releases not to be missed in November 2022

On November 24, Disney + invites us to discover the rest of the film Once upon a time released in 2007. This will again be a live-action musical that is supposed to be illuminated at the end of 2022. Directed by Adam Shankman, who succeeds Kevin Lima, Once upon a time 2 will benefit from the music of the talented composer at the 8 Oscars Alan Menken (The little Mermaid, The beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and so many others) to offer an enchanting journey into the world of fairy tales revisited by Disney. But with the subtitle “all’s well that ends badly” on the film’s poster, we can expect some surprises from screenwriter Brigitte Hales since, it seems, no enchantment lasts forever. Actors Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, Idina Menzel and James Marsden will reprise their roles alongside Maya Rudolph, Gabriella Baldacchino, Yvette Nicole Brown and Jayma Mays. And don’t forget: beware of the wishes you make, they could well come true…

  • Available November 24 on Disney+

No Limits with Chris Hemsworth

Disney+: Films, series, releases not to be missed in November 2022

We end with a more unexpected program in the Disney + catalog, specially selected for fans of Chris Hemsworth, incarnation of Thor in the Marvel Universe. On November 16, go to the National Geographic section of Disney+ to discover an original series in 6 episodes called No Limits with Chris Hemsworth. The starting point : push the actor beyond his own limits to find solutions to delay aging and exploit the full potential of the human body… A vast challenge for this documentary series which is based on the very latest scientific discoveries and upsets the idea that we have of anti-ageing techniques. National Geographic promises us an eventful journey alongside a Chris Hemsworth who investigates how to “live better, longer”. Produced notably by Darren Aronofsky (black swan), this program like no other is presented as both a scientific adventure and a personal quest in which the actor must meet physical and mental challenges developed by specialists to shed light on the different aspects of aging. Some of these tests were so difficult that he almost gave up. The 6 episodes will teach us how to better manage our stress, boost our immune defenses, fast to unlock our defenses, strengthen our body, listen to our mind and accept the inevitable.. We hope to learn more about the limits of the human body and the secrets of a healthier life from November 16!

Chris didn’t want to just talk about the scientific theories that could prolong and improve our lives. He wanted to test them, and see things big! A 250-meter swim in a 2°C arctic fjord, the ascent of a 30-meter rope suspended above a canyon and a tightrope walker’s performance along a crane at the top of a skyscraper. 80-storey sky are some of the spectacular challenges he set himself.

  • Available November 16 on Disney+

Other programs to follow

  • Reboot – November 2 on Disney+
  • Future Man (seasons 1–3) – November 2 on Disney+
  • Damages (seasons 1–5) – November 2 on Disney+
  • Rescue me: The heroes of September 11 (seasons 1 to 6) – November 2 on Disney+
  • Venom – November 4 on Disney+
  • OSS 117: Cairo, nest of spies – November 4 on Disney+
  • OSS 117: Rio is unresponsive – November 4 on Disney+
  • The secrets of the gorillas – November 4 on Disney+
  • S.O.S. Beckham – November 9 on Disney+
  • Los Montaner – November 9 on Disney+
  • One Guy, One Girl (Seasons 1–5) – November 9 on Disney+
  • nomadland – November 11 on Disney+
  • fire of love – November 11 on Disney+
  • Our happy days – November 11 on Disney+
  • The Greats (seasons 1 and 2) – November 16 on Disney+
  • Twenty five – November 16 on Disney+
  • Tell me Lies – November 16 on Disney+
  • Mickey Mouse: The Story of a Mouse – November 18 on Disney+
  • Limbo – November 23 on Disney+
  • chasing virgins – November 23 on Disney+
  • He already has your eyes – November 23 on Disney+
  • Kiss Sixth Sense – November 30 on Disney+