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Discovering the sky and its milky way at SPARKOH! this week-end

Located a few kilometers from Mons, the SPARKOH! has existed for 20 years and popularizes with young and old, but particularly the youngest, the sciences and technologies that infuse our daily lives. Through interactive exhibitions and animations, the space tries to arouse curiosity and offers tools to understand the world in its complexity.

This weekend the place is hosting a very special event that should appeal to astronomy enthusiasts! Organized in partnership with the circle of astronomy of Umons“The Night of the Stars” offers a rich program of new activities: observation of the stars, planetarium(s) and family activities. Enough to immerse yourself entirely in the universe and its milky way!

Among the workshops, the little ones can take a trip to the Moon, or in an inflatable planetarium, discover the constellations and the legends that surround them. Their elders will have the opportunity learn more about rainbows and the aurora borealis or to discover the links between astronomy and astrology.

Exceptionally, on Saturday August 6, the exhibition will be open until 9:30 p.m. On this night, subscribers will be able to discover everything about black holes and their secrets during a conference and afterwards, participate in nighttime observations and workshops.

An astro village also takes place this weekend. Assisted by the astronomy club, the Olympus Mons, visitors will be able to make observations of the sky. Every afternoon, the UMons astronomy club offers daytime observations and the discovery of astronomy instruments.

So many reasons to board the SPARKOH rocket! for an intergalactic journey!