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Discover the incredible physical transformation of Issa Doumbia

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This Saturday, September 3, the actor Issa Doumbia shared an inspirational video on instagram. In 2018 already, he explained on the social network his wish to take control. ” It’s not a question of style, but of health, of lifestyle, I couldn’t stand taking a few steps and being tired! I have always assumed this body and I was not ashamed of it, but it weighed on me if I may say “, he confided then.

Four years later, his efforts are paying off. While he shared, two months ago two photos to show his physical evolution, it is today on video that he appears transformed. ” When you go buy new clothes from a plus-size specialist and he says: “our clothes are too big for you now”. he comments. “
More regular than ever! YaniSport
(his sports coach, editor’s note), I promised you not to give up and the first results are there! “, he wrote in the caption.

Netizens praised the change. “
Well done Issa
», «
very happy for you
», « Go! Go! Go
! “, can we read in the comments.