You are currently viewing Discover Face Day, a short story dedicated to Chromie

Discover Face Day, a short story dedicated to Chromie

Blizzard has just released Face Day, a short story dedicated to Chromie. This is in the collection Tales and Legends of Azeroth published last year and available on Amazon. Discover it now at this address.

Walk through Azeroth alongside Chromie as she enlists the help of her fellow dragons to create a face, the mortal guise that every dragon chooses as they mature.

“You must be Chronormu,” the Dragon greeted, bowing his head politely. “My name is Kalecgos, and it’s an honor to meet you. The Bronze Dragon bowed his head respectfully. “It’s a pleasure, Kalecgos! Zidormi is full of praise for you. Please give me a moment. You must be very busy. Kalecgos smiled. He seemed calm and benevolent. “Malygos, my master, requires all members of the Flight to train rigorously, but that won’t stop me from helping a friend in need. Zidormi tells me you need help with your facial day, is that right? Chrononormu nodded soberly. “Yes, I only have a little time left to make up my mind. I don’t know which mortal appearance would suit me best. When I asked my master for advice, he suggested that I consult those who had already made their choice. If I may say so, Kalecgos, how did you choose your appearance? »

Discover this touching fairy tale by Steve Danuser, part of the Tales and Legends of Azeroth collection.