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Discord closes the servers of several WoW boosting services

Last January, Blizzard reinforced its policy against boosting services. The latter nevertheless gradually re-established their activities by organizing themselves around guilds or groups of friends. Last night, Discord seems to have dealt quite a blow by shutting down the servers of several services including Nova, Dawn, Sylvanas and Oblivion.

It’s unclear exactly what happened yet, but Discord appears to have acted on its own. Understand by this that Blizzard would not be involved in the decision, even if it is too early to be 100% sure. However, since guild accounts and banks remain accessible in game, it is unlikely that Blizzard is behind the action.

Discord has thus closed at least 4 servers dedicated to boosting services. At the same time, the company also closed the accounts of those responsible, telling them that it had done so because “Your account has participated in the sale, promotion or distribution of cheats, hacks or hacked accounts”. , which is a violation of Discord’s Terms of Service.

According to some rumors, Discord may have intervened following numerous reports sent by users, highlighting the clearly borderline nature of the activity of the boosting services.

In any case, Legit players will obviously be happy to hear this news. This does not sign the death warrant of this practice, but it is obviously a blow, even if new Discord servers will quickly open. In addition, some secondary services were not affected by the attack, which could give them ideas if they want to carve out a bigger piece of the pie.