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Disabled Jenny is forced to crawl to the plane toilet: “I was told I better wear a diaper” (video)

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Disabled, Jenny Berrya young woman from the UK, was filmed dragging herself down the aisle of a plane AlbaStarstating that the cabin crew refused to help him to the bathroom. Unable to count on the help of the hostesses and stewards of the company, she decided to post the video on her TikTok account.

In her video, which garnered over 5 million views, Jenny Berry also added that a member of the flight crew allegedly told him that “people with disabilities should just wear diapersto prevent such a situation from occurring.

His testimony and the images caused such a scandal on social networks that the general manager of the company apologized personally to the Briton. Long before the latter got involved in the story, a spokeswoman for the airline had however defended the staff by explaining that it is not authorized to carry a passenger. She had also wondered why”his companion had not helped him“.

The story caused such a stir on social media that Jenny Berry was invited on a television talk show to talk about her misadventure:It’s frustrating to see that they try to spin the thing like it’s my fault“, Jenny said during the show.All the other companies, even low-cost ones, have wheelchairs on board for this sort of thing.“.

Indeed, airlines often transport passengers with disabilities using specially constructed wheelchairs for the aisles of aircraft. If today, companies are not obliged to have them, Jenny would like to make them compulsory. She therefore launched a petition which obtained nearly 5,000 signatures.