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Did Meghan Markle lie about the fire that could have killed Archie?

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That’s it. After months of waiting, the first episode of the Spotity podcast series stamped Meghan Markle and paid ruby ​​on nail is available. The Duchess of Sussex promises to be the “real her” there and brought in Serena Williams for the inauguration.

The former actress notably shared a disturbing anecdote about her son. Archie was reportedly saved by his nanny when a fire broke out in his bedroom during the Sussexes’ tour of Africa in 2019. “The radiator in the room caught fire”she confides to the tenniswoman in the episode. “Of course, as a mother, you start to panic. Everyone was crying. Everyone was in shock”, she adds. Fortunately, Meghan and Harry’s child was not in the room, the nanny having moved him to eat. The Duchess, however, takes the opportunity to indirectly tackle the royal family. “We were forced to leave it and go to another royal engagement”she slips, bitter.

The British press did not take long to doubt the veracity of his remarks. In the DailyMail, we read that certain royal sources have a very different memory of this turbulent episode. According to them, there was no actual fire. A heater reportedly started emitting smoke and it was quickly unplugged before it got serious. The media war is far from over.