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Diam’s unveils a new project in Marrakech

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At the age of 42, Diam’s, Mélanie Georgiades in civil status, embarked on interior decoration, after opening her stationery Mel by Mel, then her agency Hégire Voyages, to allow “her brothers and sisters to come perform Umrah in the best conditions, with confidence and serenity,” she told the newspaper. The Dauphine. But this agency was never able to take off because of the Covid.

Through her Instagram account Home by Mel, the former rapper now offers stays in a luxurious villa in Marrakech, decorated by her care. Located about ten kilometers from the city center, Villa M is made up of a huge garden designed with Atelier KLP, an “infinity pool with mirror effect of fifteen meters by five”. With a view of Mount Atlas, it “is heated all year round and secured by a polycarbonate shutter”, says one on the social network.

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“Villa M is full of little details that make all the difference… A small reading corner under beautiful white curtains, adjacent to the kitchen a magnificent space embellished by a sublime black tadelakt table and its huge mirror”, we read on the Instagram account Home By Mel. A night in this luxurious and relaxing villa costs around 500 euros. A boon for the former rap star? Not really, because she assured the JDD in 2017: “What I have earned in the past allows me to live easily. Money is therefore not a primary motivation.

“One day, I realized that money, success, power didn’t make me happy. I was looking for happiness. I was very sad and I was alone […] I hadn’t realized that I had to talk to God. And now when things happen in my life, good or bad, I know that Allah listens to me,” she said in an interview with Arab News in 2019. Mother of three children, Maryam, 10, Abraham, 7, and Luqman, 5, Diam’s, who now appears veiled, is visibly fulfilled in her new life as a “mom”.