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Diablo Immortal reportedly exceeds $100 million in revenue

According to data from SensorTower, Diablo Immortal has now surpassed $100 million in revenue when combined on the App Store and Google Play. If the figures prove to be correct, no doubt that we must have a smile on the side of Blizzard, especially since the game has just been released in China, a major market for mobile games.

Since its release on iOS and Android last June, the MMOARPG would be a real hit. Games that have managed to generate more than $100 million are indeed rare, and even more so when it comes to doing so in a short time.

If Diablo Immortal is not as insolent a success as Pokémon GO at the time, the game has nothing to be ashamed of and does better than Fire Emblem Heroes or Fortnite. Since its global release, Diablo Immortal has ranked as the world’s 13th highest-grossing mobile game.

The arrival of Diablo Immortal could provide an additional boost. In this market of 1.2 billion people, smartphone games are hugely popular and millions of gamers have signed up to download the game as soon as possible.

Even if part of the community believes that the game is gradually dying, this does not seem to be the case at the cash level. Diablo Immortal topped the charts in the United States, while it took 2nd place in South Korea and 3rd in Japan. The App Store represents 59% of revenues, compared to 41% at Google Play. Note that this data does not take into account sales made on PC.

After a hot start, Blizzard must now confirm the test and manage to hoist Diablo Immortal in the list of games that last over time, which is obviously not an easy task.