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Dev Patel intervenes in the middle of a “violent altercation” with the knife

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A man of action on screen and in life. While strolling with friends in the streets of Adelaide, Australia, Dev Patel witnessed a “violent altercation” at the knife. Listening only to his courage, the actor did not hesitate to intervene in the middle of the fight.

The incident happened in the city of Adelaide on Monday evening, according to a press release from South Australia Police. A man and woman began fighting in the street before doing so inside a nearby gas station, “where witnesses tried to break up the altercation”. The woman then allegedly stabbed the man in the chest. Slightly injured, the victim was rushed to the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Actor Dev Patel was among the witnesses, as revealed by his spokesperson in a press release. “We can confirm that last night in Adelaide, Dev Patel and his friends witnessed a violent altercation which was already in progress outside a convenience store,” he said. “Dev followed his instincts to try to defuse the situation and end the fight. The group luckily managed to do so and remained there until the police and ambulance arrived.”

The comedian’s teams hope that this incident will attract the attention of the authorities: “Our hope is that the same level of media attention that this story receives (solely because Dev, as a celebrity, was involved) can be a catalyst for that legislators show compassion in determining long-term solutions to help not only the individuals who have been involved, but the community as a whole.”

The actor, who lives in Australia, made himself known to the general public with his roles in the series “Skins” and the movie “Slumdog Millionaire”. Lately, Dev Patel has given himself a little break from his career after starring in the fantasy film “The Green Knight” last year during the pandemic.