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Destiny: a mobile version in preparation?

Play Destiny on Android and iOS? This is an idea that has crossed the minds of fans of Bungie’s cult FPS at least once. The idea could well go from mere utopia to a reality. In any case, this is what some developers have said. The project is huge! Indeed, it would involve a big name in the mobile gaming market. Destiny Mobile might have some heavy stuff in store for you.

A mobile version with NetEase

Last week, we announced on Game-Lord the launch of a mobile version for The Division video game series at Ubisoft. This time, it’s Bungie’s turn to do the same. The studio could well prepare an opus dedicated to smartphones for its cult Destiny franchise. The information is enough to delight gamers who have been playing video games in the saga since 2014. They had already had plenty of time to have fun on video game consoles and more recently on PC. Completing missions on a smartphone should change the experience.

But beware, there is nothing official. All we know is that a developer from NetEase spoke on his LinkedIn profile about a game his company is working on with Bungie. This title would be from a Destiny opus although it was not explicitly mentioned. It would not be a simple port of the last opus Destiny 2 and its extensions. Destiny on Android and iOS will be an independent game. It will not be presented as a sequel to this second part, but will resume, despite everything, its codes.

NetEase’s involvement in the project is practically a guarantee of quality. The Chinese giant, which became a shareholder of Bungie in 2019, has already demonstrated its talents in mobile game development more than once. The mobile version of Diablo Immortal for Blizzard is a concrete example. The studio should do it again by offering an explosive mobile Destiny with action and more action. The project is all the more interesting as the concept on which Activision’s MMORPG is based matches without any problem with mobile gaming. It is a free-to-play that invites players to improve their characters to evolve.

A two-year project

According to the source at NetEase, the development of Destiny mobile is not recent unlike that of the new opus of Mass Effect which started recently. The project has already been underway for two years, but has not yet been officially announced. This could well mean that the title will be released sooner than you might think, maybe this year if luck smiles on FPS fans.

We can already wait for an official announcement from Bungie studios or NetEase. In the meantime, you can already find the biggest video games that will be released during this second half on Game-Lord. God of War: Ragnarok, Bayonetta 3 or even Redfall are on the program.