You are currently viewing Design, battery life, photos and videos… the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 just got better!  – Geeko

Design, battery life, photos and videos… the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 just got better! – Geeko

Little but strong ! The fourth generation of the Korean brand’s foldable phone offers even better performance, on several levels. Let’s discover the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4.

Clap ! Samsung recently unveiled its two new foldable phones. Alongside the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, more cut out for mobile professionals, there is of course the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, the one that most resembles the iconic flip phones of the 90s and 2000s. What is this fourth generation of the Galaxy Z Flip4 worth? ? We tell you everything.

Unique design and over 70 color combinations

If most smartphones look alike, this is much less the case with the Flip4. Folded, it’s a tiny device that slips into any pocket. Unfolded, it’s a powerful, fun and practical smartphone. But what strikes first is its design. Available in four original and dazzling colors, it is customizable. So you can choose the colors of the front face, the back face and the hinge as you want. More than 70 color combinations are possible, enough to create a mobile in your image. In addition to being a smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is also a fashion accessory.

A photo and video mode to dazzle its subscribers

Fashion lovers will love it, but so will content creators and influencers. Samsung has indeed improved the video and photo performance of the Galaxy Z Flip4 and it is undoubtedly with these functions that it takes advantage of its flexibility the most. The FlexCam and the two 12MP sensors (Wide Angle and Ultra Wide Angle) will allow you to take sharp photos and videos from all angles, for a selfie, group photos, choreography or travel videos, without the slightest difficulty . And day and night, the main photo matrix having been reinforced and the video mode having improved optical stabilization and VDIS technology. Photos and videos will be even more fluid, and directly adapted to the formats of each social network. Sharing them will be even easier.

Robustness and autonomy are also at the rendezvous

Those who haven’t had a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 in their hands yet might doubt its durability. Except that it is a robust model with its glass protected by Aluminum Armor. Solid, the foldable screen has also been certified to withstand 200,000 openings and closings. What to hear the clap for a very long time, especially since the Flip4 can also withstand a fall in a liter and a half of water for half an hour. Last but not least, battery life has also taken a leap forward, with the Flip4 moving to a 3700mAh battery. The result ? You can enjoy your smartphone all day and evening as you want. Forgot to charge your Flip4? You go from 0 to 50% in just 30 minutes!

Discover the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 now!

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