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Delphine at the National Day: “What is in my power is to promote the work of young Belgians”

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People and royalty

Second 21 July by Delphine, between passion red and white dove. A symbol of hope, her flamboyant, somewhat comical outfit is also a message of peace.

It was his second Belgian National Day in the royal gallery. His second parade on July 21.
Princess Delphine opted for a creation by Pol Vogels. The young Flemish designer, known for his originality, has, for the first time, tackled an outfit for women. He even had to, Delphine confirms to us, borrow a female mannequin to draw it, take care of the edges, before embarking on the confection.

The undulating, Dioresque dress, marked by a high belt, is sparkling with freshness, with that arty touch that Delphine takes on: it is adorned with a white dove, a bit like Folon, a symbol of peace. “I like clothes with stories, I like to surprise Belgians. »
Perched on immaculate shoes with platform soles, with a cartoonish look, wearing a circular hat adorned with a red ribbon, Delphine distills, as a fully assumed artist, images of fairy tales that slap. Somewhere between the line of a Mary Poppins – unstoppable in dignity -, a Hitchcockian heroine in glossy paper and an up-to-date highness.

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This flamboyant red goes perfectly with national colors and outfits of the day. Her message, she wanted it to be simple, universal and, of course, unifying.
Red is a powerful color, associated with the notion of energy and passion. But her outfit, as Delphine wanted, brings together above all the concepts of “hope and peace”.

A particularly relevant message in these turbulent times, the war in Ukraine, health, environmental, social crisis… “I am thinking of all those who are suffering”, Delphine tells us. “This ranges from victims of the pandemic to those of war, or the climate. Or to these unemployed young people. Among other things because today, alas, the economic crisis is wreaking havoc on a considerable scale.

Delphine, as a prelude to the big leap: the military parade on July 21, which she will follow, for the second year, from the royal gallery. © Dirk Alexander

Last year, the Belgian princess and designer opted for an ethnic-inspired outfit, with patterns evoking Congolese wax fabrics, a creation by Brussels designer Siré Kabé. Delphine and her daughter Joséphine, who had flashed on her creations, had contacted her via social networks.

It’s another love at first sight that Delphine recounts here by displaying the tones and style of Pol Vogels. A Dutch speaker this time.
Belgium is a source of inspiration for the royal artist who loves to highlight creators. She has a strong instinct for spotting budding talent.
“What is in my power is to promote the work of young Belgians. I try to do it my way by highlighting them. » A National Day, in essence unifying and popular, is indeed a real spotlight.