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Death of Queen Elizabeth II: the public gathers for the first time in front of the coffin in Edinburgh

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The ceremonies continue in the United Kingdom. This afternoon, Queen Elizabeth’s coffin arrived in Edinburgh for a final tribute to the Scottish lands she loved so much. Four days after the death of Elizabeth II in her Scottish castle of Balmoral and a week before her funeral in the presence of some 500 foreign dignitaries and millions of visitors, the emotion remains strong in the United Kingdom, and the public numerous to accompany the last voyage of the popular sovereign.

After reaching Edinburgh on Sunday through the Scottish countryside, her funeral procession left the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the Queen’s official residence in Scotland where the coffin spent the night, at 3:35 p.m. to go to Saint-Gilles Cathedral.


King Charles III arrived on site to take part in the procession to Saint-Gilles Cathedral, where Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin will be temporarily displayed. In line, the four children of Elizabeth II followed the hearse on foot for more than a kilometer in the old town of the Scottish capital: Charles III, Princes Andrew and Edward and Princess Anne walked in rhythm, all in military uniform with the exception of Andrew, in withdrawal from the monarchy following the sexual assault charges which he ended by paying millions of dollars. A particularity which confirms the exclusion of the one who has often been described as “favorite son” of Elizabeth II.

Charles III is in the lead. Earlier in the morning, he was in Parliament in London, to receive the condolences of British elected officials and deliver a poignant speech in which he recognized “the historic weight” of his mission.


During the religious ceremony following the procession, the crown of Scotland, in solid gold, will be placed on the coffin. Then the remains of Elizabeth II, a symbol of stability during decades of upheaval, a planetary icon that reassured the British in times of crisis, will remain on display in the cathedral for 24 hours, which should lead to a massive influx. After the religious service in Edinburgh, Charles III is due to receive the Scottish independence Prime Minister, Nicola Sturgeon.



Then, at 8:20 p.m., a private funeral wake will begin for the royal family. After being presented for 24 hours to the population, the body will be embarked Tuesday evening at Edinburgh airport on board a royal plane bound for London. It will again be on public display 24 hours a day, enclosed, draped in the royal standard, on a dais at the Palace of Westminster from Wednesday evening. The remains of Elizabeth II will remain in Parliament for five days before the state funeral. Some 500 foreign dignitaries are expected – a considerable security challenge for the police – among them King Philippe and Queen Mathilde, US President Joe Biden, his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron and Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, as well as many other heads crowned. The day before the event, on Sunday, the public will be called to mark a minute of silence at 9 p.m., Downing Street said, “a moment of reflection” in memory of the sovereign with unparalleled longevity in the history of the United Kingdom. .