Death of Elizabeth II: how relations between Charles and William calmed down

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Diana’s tragic death has long shaken the relationship between Charles III and his eldest son William. But as evidenced by their agreement projected in mondovision since the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the new sovereign and his eldest son who became Prince of Wales are today in unison. The reconciliation was long and difficult.

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HASfter his mother’s disappearance on August 31, 1997, William was flayed alive. He makes his father responsible for the disintegration of his first marriage with Diana, of whom he was very protective.

Fearsome “spin doctor”

Her resentment is accentuated when, in the wake of the disappearance of the “princess of hearts”, her former husband presents himself as a wise, affectionate and invested father with his two children. But the glossy clichés of a united family hide a skilful communication operation launched by Mark Bolland, the formidable “spin doctor” of the princely house, aimed at rehabilitating his employer with the public and gaining acceptance of Camilla by his subjects and the royal family, starting with its sworn enemy then, the queen.

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