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Death of Elizabeth II: Charles III will be officially proclaimed king on Saturday, here is what is expected this Friday (LIVE)

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The most famous monarch on the planet, the Queen Elizabeth II died Thursday at the age of 96 at her Scottish residence in Balmoral, ushering in a new era for the British crown to which she had dedicated her life.

The disappearance of the sovereign, whose state of health had deteriorated for a year, aroused immense emotion in the United Kingdom and in the world . His son and heir acceded to the throne at the age of 73 with the name of Charles III. He will speak for the first time before the nation this Friday.

“The Queen died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon. The King and Queen consort will remain at Balmoral tonight and return to London tomorrow.” Buckingham Palace said in a brief statement.

Below, we offer you a live follow-up of the events following this death of the queen.

The info thread:

8:30 a.m .: Filming of the sixth season of “The Crown” stopped in tribute to the Queen

The team of the hit series “The Crown” recounting the turpitudes of the reign and life of Queen Elizabeth II has decided to stop filming the season for a while in order to pay tribute to the deceased sovereign, a-t she announced. “We are going to take a break out of respect,” said the screenwriter of the series broadcast on Netflix. The latter describes the series as a “love letter to the Queen”. He said he had “nothing to add”, asking for “silence and respect”.

8:00 a.m.: Cannon shots, bells and speeches by the new king on Friday’s program

Many official ceremonies to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II are scheduled for Friday in the United Kingdom. At St. Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey in London, the bells will ring at noon. It will be the same at Windsor Castle, west of London, where the Queen had settled permanently. Several cannon shots will also be fired from Hyde Park, in the heart of the British capital.

Several tributes are also planned in the British parliament.

The new king, Charles III, will return to London from Balmoral, Scotland, where the Queen died on Thursday at the age of 96. He will meet British Prime Minister Liz Truss on Friday afternoon. The King should also address the British in the early evening.

A memorial service should also take place in the evening in Saint Paul’s Cathedral.

07:30: Charles will be officially proclaimed king on Saturday

Charles III will be officially proclaimed king on Saturday, according to various British media. Charles automatically became the new king after the death of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday evening. According to The Times and The Independent newspapers, among others, Charles III will be officially proclaimed king on Saturday at the “Accession Council”.

This body is made up of, among others, members of the House of Lords and the House of Commons and senior officials. In theory, more than 700 people can attend the ceremony, but that number is likely to be much lower given the short deadline. The last meeting of the “Accession Council” when Elizabeth II ascended the throne after the death of George VI in 1952, was attended by some 200 people.

During the ceremony the death of the queen will be announced, followed by a statement honoring the deceased monarch and supporting the new king. According to the BBC, the proclamation will then be signed by the Prime Minister and the Archbishop of Canterbury, among others.

07:25: The church bells will ring for an hour

Churches across England have been instructed to ring their bells on Friday in memory of the late Queen Elizabeth II. An organization that specializes in ringing bells, the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers, also recommends in a guideline that bells ring for one hour at noon. Parish churches, chapels and cathedrals are encouraged to ring their bells and open their doors for prayer or special services, it also says on the Church of England website, the Anglican Church of which the British monarch is the official head.

7:20 am: British newspapers mourn Queen Elizabeth II

The front pages of British newspapers on Friday are logically dominated by the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Here is the recap here!

07:00: Charles III will address the nation for the first time on Friday

The new King of the United Kingdom, Charles III, will give his first address to the nation on Friday, said his spokesman quoted by the Reuters agency on Thursday evening. It will be his first speech as king since the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. The time of the speech has not yet been announced. Charles and his wife Camilla spent the night from Thursday to Friday at Balmoral Castle, where Elizabeth died on Thursday. The new royal couple will return to London on Friday.

Meanwhile, the British newspaper The Times writes that Charles will be officially enthroned on Friday. The 73-year-old monarch will also meet British Prime Minister Liz Truss and the British Cabinet, as well as Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and Dean of Westminster David Hoyle.

6:30 a.m .: Xi Jinping offers his “sincere condolences” to the United Kingdom

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday offered his “sincere condolences” to the United Kingdom over the death of Queen Elizabeth II, which he called a “great loss for the British people”, according to state media. “On behalf of the Chinese government and people as well as on his own behalf, Xi Jinping expressed his deep condolences” in a message sent to the new King Charles III, said public television CCTV. “He sends his heartfelt condolences to the British Royal Family, government and people.”

The official statement broadcast by CCTV recalls that the Queen was the first British monarch to visit China and salutes the longevity of her reign.

“I attach great importance to the development of relations between China and the United Kingdom and I am ready to work with King Charles III” to “promote the healthy and stable development of bilateral relations for the benefit of both our country and of our two peoples,” said Xi Jinping.

3:00 a.m .: Japanese Prime Minister laments “great loss” for the world

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Friday lamented a “great loss” for the international community following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, expressing his “deep sadness”. “The disappearance of the Queen, who led the UK through turbulent times around the world, is a great loss not only to the British people but also to the international community,” Mr Kishida said.

Queen Elizabeth II “reigned for 70 years, the longest reign in history, and played an extremely important role in global peace and stability,” said the Japanese leader.

“She greatly contributed to the strengthening of relations between Japan and the United Kingdom, including a visit to Japan in 1975,” he said, adding: “The Japanese government sends its sincere condolences to the British monarchy, to the British government and people”.