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Death of Cormac Roth, the son of Tim Roth, at only 25 years old

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Affected by germ cell tumors since November 2021, the musician Cormac Roth is dead. Son of actor Tim Rothseen recently on Disney + in “She-Hulk” and his wife, Nikki Butler, his death was announced on Monday, October 31 by his parents in a press release shared by Variety magazine.

He was a wild and electric ball of energy, his mind was filled with light and kindness “, writes his family. ” As wild as he was, Cormac was also the epitome of kindness. A gentle soul who brought so much joy and hope to those around her. Grief comes in waves, like tears and laughter, when we think of this amazing 25-year-old 10-month-old boy. An irrepressible, joyful, wild and wonderful child. Just recently a man. We like it. We will carry it with us wherever we go. »

Cormac Roth unveiled his fight against cancer last July on Instagram. The musician had revealed to have lost “half of his hearing”, his “confidence” and at least “27 kilos. At the time, the young man wrote: Life is short. It’s a mess and you don’t know when it will be the end for you. Be well and go to the doctor. A message of prevention, which is always good to remember.

In its press release, his family indicates that the death dates back to October 16.