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David Jeanmotte explains how to stop having droopy eyelids

This morning in Land 8/9, David Jeanmotte comes to the aid of our listener Sylvie, who has droopy eyelids. Discover the five tips from our beauty expert to fight against this natural process.

If we cannot fight against the passage of time or aging, we can however anticipate this process in order to minimize its effects thanks to David Jeanmotte’s five tips.

Proper use of makeup

There are makeup tricks to make eyes look bigger. Just use a very fine pencil, avoid big lines under the eye, since it narrows the look. You can also use a light eye shadow on your mobile eyelid and make up the upper eyelids with a darker shade, all the way up.

Thin eyebrows

Thick eyebrows bring out the eyelids that droop, it is for this reason that it is advisable to pluck your eyebrows to enlarge your eyes.

Lymphatic drainage

Another solution to fight against drooping eyelids, go see a specialist in lymphatic drainage. You can also massage yourself, from the nose to the eyebrows towards the sinuses. Pat your fingers from the outside to the inside of the cheekbones. Finally, apply cool compresses soaked in black tea to your eyelids, a guaranteed decongestant effect.

The care pen

A more expensive and painful alternative, the care pen. This pen-shaped device projects a cloud of plasma onto your eyelid, between the skin and the pen, to make loose skin disappear. The treatment should be performed by a professional and under local anesthesia.

Adhesive strips

Adhesive strips are a daily, single-use solution. Made of perforated silicone that lets the skin breathe, these very comfortable accessories are suitable for use on sensitive facial skin. Transparent and completely invisible, they perfectly support eye makeup. Each box contains 120 pieces which can be kept for 4 months. For easier application, use eyelash extension tweezers.