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Dave in trouble: he has “no money set aside for retirement”

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Dave confided in his difficulties.

He made astonishing confidences about his income.

Dave made surprising confidences in the July 19, 2022 issue of “We two”. The “Vanina” singer is still giving concerts at 78 despite her health problems. He explained that it’s not just by choice that he still performs on stage. The singer said:

“To tell you the truth, most entertainers didn’t have paychecks until the 1980s. I didn’t put any money aside for retirement, so I have to keep working. […] I have a flight attendant friend whose retirement pension is exactly double mine!”

A surprising explanation. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine that the life of an artist can be accompanied by financial problems. However, Dave always takes pleasure in meeting his audience at concerts. If he does not stop performing on stage, it is also because he likes it.

“In the world we live in, which gives us a lot of reason to worry, what makes us happy are the parentheses of oblivion… The stage is part of it. […] When you do a job of passion, it is very difficult to stop.”

The singer, however, had to stop singing for a while. In effect, he was the victim of a serious accident from which he still has after-effects. He says : “I want to cry“because the meals have become a suffering for him.

“Since my accident, I have been cooking for my partner and me, but I don’t smell anything, I don’t taste anything. […] One of the two centers in my brain that manage taste and smell passed away due to my cerebral hemorrhage.”

Fortunately, Dave can count on those close to him to support him.