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Date season 2 Fall Guys, when does it start?

Season 2 of Fall Guys in free-to-play version should be available soon, but when exactly? We will try to answer it.

Fall Guys has been free for a few weeks and more when switching from game to free-to-playEpic Games and Mediatonic have decided to launch season 1 which has added additional content including maps and logically new obstacles and trials.

Being that season 1 has been launched for a while already, some players are already wondering when will be available season 2 of the game. If this is your case, the answer is partly given on the Fall Guys store since a countdown exists and allows you to know the number of days remaining before the end of the current season.

When is the release date for Fall Guys Season 2?

If you want to know like most people when Fall Guys season 2 will officially debut, well, for now, we do not have information delivered by Mediatonic or Epic Games. However, we know when season 1 would end thanks to the countdown that exists in the game store and which is visible in the image below.

The countdown on the store for the season part shows the number of days left until the end of season 1 (credits: Fall Guys)

If we refer to the remaining time, Season 1 will end on August 30. Since the move to free-to-play was launched on June 21, which is a Tuesday, it therefore seems more than likely that season 2 would be accessible in the wake of season 1 and would therefore be released on Tuesday, August 30. Of course, it is also possible that Epic Games could change its plans and launch season 2 on another date in order to better prepare the addition of the content of the next season which has not yet been revealed by the developers.

While waiting for an official and more precise date, we remind you thata free skin is offered to all players who log in to Fall Guys on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.