You are currently viewing “Dancing with the stars”: which star left the floor this Friday evening?

“Dancing with the stars”: which star left the floor this Friday evening?

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New week, new challenge in “Dancing with the stars”. This Friday evening, the couples still in the running discovered the music to which they were going to dance… ten minutes before the live performance.

Carla Lazzari and Pierre Mauduy open the ball on the sound of “Libre”, tube of Angèle. A tango that was unanimous. “It was great tonight“, launches François Alu from the outset. “You knew how to surf on this title of Angèle which is fresh and sparkling“, comments, for his part, Chris Marques. The scores are up to the opinions of the jurors. “9” for Bilal Hassani, François Alu and Marie-Agnès Gillot and an “8” for Chris Marques.

On a quick step, Anggun and his partner Adrien Caby“, then announces the voice of “Dancing with the stars”. The couple dances on “I’ll be there for you”, song of Rembrandts which is especially known to be the credits of the series “Friends”. If “the energy is there“During the performance, there are still a few shortcomings to be erased. “The work of the feet must be more present and there must be more nuances”explains François Alu.

Third to hit the floor, Florent Peyre and Inès Vandamme discover that they will be dancing their rumba to “Un jour, une femme” by Florent Pagny. And this under the proud gaze of the parents of the comedian. The latter must use his hips more, according to the jurors whose sum of notes gives a total of 22 points to the couple. A low score for the evening.

After two bonuses without finding himself at the top of the rankings, Stéphane Legar hopes that his Charleston shared with Candice Pascal will put him back in the race. And his efforts paid off. “We have a return to the Stéphane of the beginnings“, declares François Alu. Same opinion on the side of Chris Marques: “I find that disappointing. (…) I liked!”, launches the formidable juror. A card that will allow the singer and his partner to obtain four notes of “9” and to rank at the top of the ranking.

“I was not convinced

For Elsa Bois and Thomas da Costa, unfortunately, the praise is not there. “I was not convinced“, admits Marie-Agnès Gillot after watching the couple’s samba on a remix of “Candy Shop”, title of 50 Cent. With 20 points, they find themselves last in the ranking. For the couple, it’s the blow .

Another duo, another atmosphere. Billy Crawford and Fauve Hautot’s samba set the set on fire. “It’s a pleasure to watch you”says François Alu to the Filipino singer who dedicated this dance to his son Amari. “Normally, I find something very dull to criticize and there, I can’t do it“, declares Chris Marques. With 38 points, the duo regains the lead of the classification, sending Stéphane Legar to second place.

Léa Elui and Christophe Licata, who made a comeback this week, danced a contemporary to “A fleur de toi” by Vitaa. A performance that pleased the jury. “You continue your metamorphosis“, declares François Alu to the young woman while Bilal Hassani speaks of a “incredible evolution“.

Léa Elui, Anggun and Florent Peyre found themselves face to face. Each with their partner, they had to prove themselves on “I’m still standing” by Elton John. Thomas da Costa and Elsa Bois are saved by the public, Florent Peyre and Inès Vandamme by the jurors. Anggun and Adrien Caby therefore leave the adventure.