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“Dancing with the stars”: Internet users divided over this impressive duo

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The Saturday evening box being currently occupied by “The Voice Kids”, it was this Friday evening that TF1 viewers found ” Dance with the stars
“. Enthusiasm seemed to be at half mast, since the show had its weakest start in audience since its launch in 2011. Only 3,029,000 viewers followed the first bonus of this twelfth season, ensuring only 16.9% of shares. ratings at TF1.

It is true that the cast of celebrities gathered this year leaves a little to be desired, but the enthusiasm of viewers could be revived in the face of quality performances. During this first episode, a duo notably made the show and secured a place of choice in the competition, already becoming the favorite duo of the jury. It is alongside Fauve Hautot that Billy Crawford landed on the floor on Saturday evening, chaining Cha Cha steps on “Watermelon Sugar” by Harry Styles. In addition to reaping the praises of the jury, the couple obtained the four immunity buzzes, allowing them to directly secure a place in the rest of the competition.

In front of their TV, viewers were also impressed by their performance. “They killed the game”, “A nugget”, “Incroyaaaaable”, “I’m glued” can we read in particular on Twitter, concerning their performance.

But some Internet users did not appreciate the composition of this pair, which they find too strong and unfair for the other candidates. Known for his hit from the 2000s, “Tracking”, Billy Crawford was already proving at the time that he had dancing skills. As for Fauve Hautot, she is one of the show’s leading dancers, and has already won the competition three times, including last year against Tayc. For the most annoyed Internet users, composing such a duo is tantamount to cheating, and removes all suspense as to the rest of the competition, as their course already seems mapped out.