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“Dancing with the stars” drinks the cup: how to explain these very bad audiences?

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Does the magic recipe of TF1 have lead in the wing? After Koh Lanta whose last season was not sparkling, the final of the cursed totemhaving recorded a historically low score with less than 3 million viewers, it is Dance with the stars who drinks the cup. This weekend, the launch of the twelfth season was also done in very minor mode, with audiences, there too, historically low. Barely 3 million people in front of their small screen. They were 4.3 million when season 11 premiered a year ago. And 3.8 million on average to follow the whole program. This weekend, Camille Combal and her dancers were beaten soundly by Astrid and Raphaelle on France 2 which gathered 5.2 million fans.

What explains this setback? Partly, certainly, the fact that TF1 is no longer accessible in France via Canal + offers and the TNT Sat satellite. But this is not the only reason that can explain this start in minor mode. Because the show has seen many changes compared to last year.

Karine Ferri is definitely gone, while Denitsa Ikonomova, the program’s emblematic dancer who was on the jury during the previous season is also absent. If in his case, it is said that it is temporary, what about other dancers and dancers also absent from this twelfth season? We think of Coralie Licata, Maxime Dereymez, Christian Millette and Joël Luzolo.

Finally, there is the casting which is not the most breathtaking that has known Dance with the stars from on TF1. Especially since one of the most famous personalities, David Douillet, was thanked from the first broadcast. As for the real celebrities, it remains only Billy Crawford, Clémence Castel, Amandine Petit (Miss France 2021) and comedian Florent Peyre. It’s no insult to say that the others are much less known.

However, before jumping to conclusions and crying failure, it’s worth seeing if the mayonnaise doesn’t set on the second spread. It is true that the Queen Elizabeth II tribute shows may have also turned away a certain audience.