You are currently viewing “Dancing with the stars”: discover the name of the American star present in the next season

“Dancing with the stars”: discover the name of the American star present in the next season

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The next season of Dance with the stars becomes clearer. While the new jury has just been unveiled, some stars who will tread the dance floor are also known. We know, therefore, that Amandine Petit, Clemence CastelBilly Crawford or Anggun will be there.

The last name to have been announced is that of an American star adored by all: Frankie Muniz, alias Malcolm, in the eponymous series. Broadcast from 2000 to 2006, “Malcolm” is one of the cult series of the 2000s.

Now 36, Frankie Muniz will have an edge over his competitors. Indeed, in 2017, he had already participated in the American version of the show. The actor had reached the final. He had taken advantage of his participation in the show to talk about the significant memory loss he suffered from. ” This is the first time I’ve been able to clear up the rumour. If you look up my name, all it says is I have no memory or I’m dying of strokes and all that kind of stuff… You look up my name and it’s, basically, ‘Frankie is dying’…I’ve thought about that a lot over my years, you know. Why do I have a bad memory? You know what I mean ? The only logical thing I can say is, yes, I had nine concussions “, he explained at the time.

According to him, it is the fact of having started his career very young that would have caused him his memory problems. ” Started playing when I was 8, did Malcolm from 12 to 20 “, he said. ” And suddenly, during my career, I always had to be someone, do something. And I think at some point, you get to a point where you start doing things mechanically, letting yourself go. You do what you have to do, you do your best and then you forget…”