You are currently viewing “Dancing with the stars”: disappointed by her elimination, this candidate responds curtly to Chris Marques (video)

“Dancing with the stars”: disappointed by her elimination, this candidate responds curtly to Chris Marques (video)

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Already a month of competition for the new candidates of ” Dance with the stars ! After the evening of duels and that of the mystery dancers, this Friday evening gave way to a fierce battle between the judges. The latter therefore had to accompany two couples, as much by coaching them, behind the scenes, as by dancing with them on the floor. Despite the support and advice of Marie-Agnès Gillot, it is Amandine Small and his pro dancer Anthony Colette who had to leave the adventure, after losing their face-to-face against five other duos.

During the after party, the ex-Miss France did not hide her disappointment with the decision of the judges, who did not save her. His annoyed attitude did not escape Chris Marks, who even tried to explain their choice. “I think Amandine, she’s not happy. You know Amandine, I completely understand that you’re not happy, it’s normal, but every week someone is eliminated. And in the end, it’s the dance that speaks,” he said, interrupting Camille Combal. “It doesn’t matter, I’m going to go to Normandy, with Marie-Agnès Gillot and that makes me so happy, but so happy,” she replied, in a sarcastic tone, with a slightly forced smile. Later, Amandine Petit still wanted to calm things down, throwing a joke for the judges, to whom she said she wanted to give a mark for their performance. ” With great pleasure ! exclaimed Chris Marques, while François Alu declared: “If you need to exteriorize…” After the bursts of laughter from her former comrades, the young woman finally concluded: “For my greatest pleasure, I would give thumbs up to everyone. We’re going to bury the hatchet, it’s over. »

The very upset attitude of the ex-beauty queen did not escape the twittos either, who commented at length on her disappointment. While some called her angry, others found her anger perfectly justified, believing that she was far from being the worst candidate of the evening.